Seat Covers

Floor Mats

Storage Systems

  • Plastic Seat Covers
  • Reuseable Nylon Seat Covers
  • Paper
  • Non-Slip Polymat
  • Wall Mounted & Free-Standing Dispensers




  • Disposable seat covers
  • Paper Napkins
  • Carrier Bags
  • Car Cover



PD11 CE/A-2 Tailored Exterior Protection 5-part set comprising:

  • 2 x Wing Covers
  • 1 x Front Cover
  • 1 x Centre Console Cover
  • 1 x Gear Knob Cover
  • All manufactured in grey PVC with blue anti-slip foam backing and heat resistant mesh over the front grille and lights for adequate ventilation
  • For easy storage there is also a Tornio Canvas Kit Bag available



Porsche 911 Light lnspection Cover

  • Tailored grey 4oz nylon light inspection cover with lattice effect antislip foam; machine washable to 40C



PD11 MAC-A Porsche Macan 2014

  • tailored PVC Wings and Front cover, Centre Console, Sill Covers (pair) and a Gear Knob cover, 7 part set
  • Manufactured in Grey PVC with solid blue foam anti-slip backing and quilted to help adhere to the contours of the vehicle while adding additional protection to this vulnerable area whilst work is carried out
  • The front light areas and side vents are meshed to allow adequate ventilation and for safety if car is moved around workshop



PD11 PAN Porsche Panamera Protection

  • set 6 piece comprising:
  • 1 x front end protection cover
  • 2 x door sill covers
  • 1 x centre console cover
  • PDDCPAN fleece door covers



Wing Cover Front - 3 parts



Wing Cover Rear - 4 parts



Rearbootcover - 1 part

Rear Interior Boot Cover



PVC - Wing Cover

PVC - Wing Cover CAYMAN




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